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  • Robbie Bohn started music with choir at the age of five and added on clarinet at the age of seven in elementary school. He received his first guitar for his 9th birthday and started taking lessons at the local music store. By age 14, Robbie started playing in bands and entering guitar competitions. Lessons continued through high school and then he joined choir in college along with piano and recording classes. Between bands, he decided to attend The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and worked across the country as a recording engineer and musician. In more recent years, playing in bands has forced him to expand his playing abilities. Working in a music store expanded Robbie's view for all aspects of music. He learned the purposes of each instrument and how to record them better, as to further help everyone in the band. He says this will help to be a tighter and much more modern thinking band. Todays music industry requires the forward thinking that the band now brings to the table. Robbie plays lead guitar, sings vocals, and is an engineer in the band.
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