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  • Jon Griffin was born fittingly in Music City, better know as Nashville, Tennessee. He came from very humble beginnings, and by humble beginnings we mean very poor fashion sense, and a love for records and FM radio. His mother used to have this thing called a record player and he would listen to everything from The Doors to Cyndi Lauber, The Beatles to Prince, and Metallica to Nirvana. The 80's and 90's were a great but weird time. Jon was actually in the beginning stages of being a classically trained pianist as an adolescent. However, he quickly found that the ladies seemed to gravitate toward a different instrument, so he decided to take up guitar. Unfortunately, just sitting with a guitar alone in the corner did not win him any favor with the ladies, so he actually had to learn how to play it. The first songs he learned were some early rock and roll and blues numbers as his skills at the time were of the three chord variety. Jon learned early that simple is sometimes more effective. He started writing songs in his late teen years and early twenties. Although you will probably never hear him on "popular" radio or see him at any major music award shows, he keeps on writing melodies and lyrics with reckless abandon. In 2007, Jon Griffin and Scott Caine founded The Lightfighters in Monterey, California and began recording songs in their garage with a cheap audio interface. The first songs and gigs were a complete catastrophe and probably will go down in history of some of the worst live performances ever, but they kept persevering and pushing forward. This eventually led to playing more shows, which lead to bigger shows, which lead to performing with some of his rock and roll and blues heroes. Jon plays multiple instruments for the band as well as lead vocals.
  • Jon Griffin